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ColorAdjustLumaReturns a TColor with luminance changed by n factor.
ColorHLSToRGBReturns a converted color from HLS to RGB.
ColorRGBToHLSReturns a converted color from RGB to HLS.
ColorToWebColorNameReturns the web color name representing the color given as the parameter.
ColorToWebColorStrReturns the web color name in the form of a string.
DrawArrowDraws an arrow on a TCanvas.
DrawCheckDraws a check on a TCanvas.
DrawChevronDraws a chevron on a TCanvas.
DrawTransparentBitmapDraws a transparent bitmap.
GetHighLightColorReturns the highlight color.
GetShadowColorReturns the shadow color.
GradientFillCanvasFills a TCanvas with a gradient.
LoadCompressedResourceBitmapReturns a Bitmap loaded from a compressed resource.
RGBToWebColorNameReturns the web color name representing the color given as the parameter.
RGBToWebColorStrReturns a string representing the web color name.
ScaleImageScales a bitmap.
SortColorArraySorts a TColorArray.
SplitTransparentBitmapReturns a bitmap representing the cutout of another bitmap.
WebColorNameToColorReturns the TColor from a web color name.
WebColorStrToColorReturns the TColor from a hex color string.
WebColorToRGBReturns the RGB color from a web color.


TArrowTypeSpecifies the arrow type.
TColorArrayArray of colors.
TColorArraySortTypeSpecifies the color sort type.
TGradientDirectionSpecifies the gradient direction.
TScrollDirectionSpecifies the scroll direction.


WebNamedColorsStores the web named colors.


WebNamedColorsCountWebNamedColorsCount: Integer = $8A;