Vcl.Graphics.TBitmap Properties

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AlphaFormatpublicIndicates how reserved byte of each pixel is used in 32 bit bitmaps.
CanvaspublicProvides access to a drawing surface that represents the bitmap.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
EmptypublicIndicates whether the graphics object contains a graphic.
HandlepublicProvides access to the Windows GDI bitmap handle for accessing the GDI bitmap object.
HandleTypepublicIndicates whether the bitmap is a device-dependent bitmap, or a device-independent bitmap.
HeightpublicSpecifies the vertical size of the graphic in pixels.
IgnorePalettepublicDetermines whether the bitmap realizes its palette when drawing its image.
MaskHandlepublicProvides access to the Windows GDI bitmap handle for accessing the GDI bitmap object.
ModifiedpublicIndicates whether the graphics object has been changed or edited.
MonochromepublicDetermines whether the bitmap displays its image in monochrome.
PalettepublicIndicates the color palette of the graphical image.
PaletteModifiedpublicIndicates whether the palette has changed.
PixelFormatpublicIndicates the bit format of the bitmap image, specifying how the image is displayed and how the pixels of the bitmap image are stored in memory.
ScanLinepublicProvides indexed access to each line of pixels.
SupportsPartialTransparencypublicIndicate whether graphic supports partial transparency or an alpha channel.
TransparentpublicIndicates whether the image covers its rectangular area.
TransparentColorpublicDetermines which color of the bitmap is to be transparent when the bitmap is drawn.
TransparentModepublicDetermines whether the TransparentColor property's value is automatically calculated or stored with the bitmap object.
WidthpublicDetermines the maximum width of the graphics object in pixels.