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property OnGetEditText: TGetEditEvent read FOnGetEditText write FOnGetEditText;


__property TGetEditEvent OnGetEditText = {read=FOnGetEditText, write=FOnGetEditText};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event protected
Vcl.Grids TCustomDrawGrid


Occurs when the in-place editor requests the value of a cell.

Write an OnGetEditText event handler to provide the in-place editor with a string representing the contents of the cell. Set the Value parameter to the string for the cell specified by the ACol and ARow parameters. When the cell enters edit mode, the contents of the cell are drawn as the Value string returned by the OnGetEditText event handler. This image need not match the appearance of the cell when it is not in edit mode, which is drawn using the OnDrawCell event handler.

OnGetEditText does not occur unless the Options property includes goEditing.

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