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property Lines: TStrings read GetStrings write SetStrings;


__property System::Classes::TStrings* Lines = {read=GetStrings, write=SetStrings};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Vcl.Outline TCustomOutline


Lists the Text property values of all nodes in the outline.

Read Lines to obtain a text representation of the outline. Set Lines to fill the outline from a set of text strings. Each string in the Lines property represents a node in the outline. Lines does not include the root node.

Leading tabs and spaces are converted into levels of the outline. Text without any leading tabs or spaces becomes level 1 items. For example, the following set of strings represents an outline with three first level children descended from the root, and an additional, second level child on the first and third nodes:

ChildA ChildA1 ChildB ChildC ChildC1

The Lines property is primarily useful for filling an outline with items at design time. While Lines can be used to access the individual nodes at run time, it is much quicker to access an item with the Items property.

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