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TRibbonApplicationMenuBar = class(TCustomActionMainMenuBar)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TRibbonApplicationMenuBar : public Vcl::Actnmenus::TCustomActionMainMenuBar


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Vcl.RibbonActnMenus Vcl.RibbonActnMenus


Display Application Menu for Ribbon.

TRibbonApplicationMenuBar is used to display the Application Menu for the Ribbon.

The TRibbonApplicationMenuBar component is not available on the component palette and should not be created dynamically. To add an Application Menu to your Ribbon, select the Add Application Menu command in the Ribbon component editor.

The Application Menu consists of two vertical panes. On the left is a list of Menu items. You can modify the menu items at design time.

On the right is a place to display Recent items. This area is mostly intended for use as a recently used file list. To use this as a Recent Items pane, use the TRibbon.AddRecentItem method to add items. There are a number of Recent Item functions to help you setup the list of items. You can also use the right pane to add more commands. Do this by setting the TApplicationMenu.CommandType to ctCommand. See the CommandType property for more details.

The bottom section of the Application button can also display commands. Usually this section is set aside for the Application Exit command and Application Options command. Set your commands in the OptionItems collection.

To modify the contents of the Application Menu, you can drag actions from the customize dialog and drop them in the menu on the left of the application menu.

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