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typedef void __fastcall (__closure *TScrollEvent)(System::TObject* Sender, System::Uitypes::TScrollCode ScrollCode, int &ScrollPos);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
typedef public Vcl.StdCtrls.hpp Vcl.StdCtrls Vcl.StdCtrls


TScrollEvent is the type of an Vcl.StdCtrls.TScrollBar.OnScroll event handler.

TScrollEvent defines the type of method procedure that you must define in order to implement the OnScroll event of a visual component such as TScrollBar.

The OnScroll event occurs when the user scrolls a scroll bar with the mouse or keyboard.

Sender is a reference to the component invoking the OnScroll event.

ScrollCode defines the user scroll action that was performed.

ScrollPos provides the new scroll position.

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