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property AfterDispatch: THTTPMethodEvent read FAfterDispatch write FAfterDispatch;


__property THTTPMethodEvent AfterDispatch = {read=FAfterDispatch, write=FAfterDispatch};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event protected
Web.HTTPApp TCustomWebDispatcher


Occurs after the HTTP response message has been successfully filled out by the action items but not yet sent.

Write an AfterDispatch event handler to provide a final check of the HTTP response message before it is sent to the Web client. An AfterDispatch event handler can let a response stand as is, change the response, send the response, or change the Handled parameter to False to prevent the Web application from sending the response.

The AfterDispatch event does not occur if all of the action items indicate that the response was not handled, or if the response is sent by any of the action items.

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