PlatformAPI.IOTAExternalDevice Properties

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ActivepublicActive is True if the external device is active; it is False otherwise.
DisplayNamepublicDisplayName is the display name of an external device.
EmulatorpublicEmulator is True if an external device is an Android emulator or an iOS simulator; it is False otherwise.
InternalNamepublicInternalName is the ID of an external device.
PlatformpublicPlatform is the internal name of the platform that an external device runs on.
PortpublicPort is the port where an Android emulator is connected.
ProfileNamepublicProfileName is the name of the connection profile that is associated with an external device.
SimulatorIDpublicSimulatorID is the internal name of an iOS simulator.
UserDatapublicUserData is True if the external device can be edited by a user; it is False otherwise.