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property ParamCheck: Boolean read FParamCheck write FParamCheck default True;


__property bool ParamCheck = {read=FParamCheck, write=FParamCheck, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Data.Win.ADODB TADOCommand


Specifies whether the parameter list for an ADO command component is regenerated if the SQL changes at runtime.

Set ParamCheck to specify whether or not the Parameters property is initialized using ":Param" style parameters in an SQL statement specified in the CommandText property. If the SQL statement in CommandText only contains "?" style parameters, the Parameters property will only be initialized if the OLE DB provider returns parameter information for an SQL command. Otherwise, the parameters must be explicitly created using the CreateParameter method (TParameters).

When ParamCheck is true, a parameter is generated for each ":Param" style parameter in the SQL statement.

The default value of ParamCheck is true.

This property is useful for data definition language (DDL) statements that contain parameters as part of the DDL statement and that are not parameters for the ADO command component. For example, the DDL statement to create a stored procedure may contain parameter statements that are part of the stored procedure. Set ParamCheck to false to prevent these parameters from being mistaken for parameters of the ADO command component executing the DDL statement.

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