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Unit scope for DataSnap units that define interfaces with various Windows services.


Datasnap.Win.MConnectContains classes that implement functionality for connecting to application servers using DCOM or OLE, interfacing with IAppServer, functionality for objects that connect client applications to an IDispatch based application server, compatibility with applications that connect to OLEnterprise services, and related functionality.
Datasnap.Win.MidasConContains classes that implement functionality for handling a server connection for the client of a multi-tiered application and handling of a DCOM connection to a remote server in a client application that is part of a multi-tiered application..
Datasnap.Win.MtsRdmContains a class that encapsulates the objects and interfaces of a transactional application server.
Datasnap.Win.ObjBrkrContains classes that implement a collection of server item objects, describe an application server for a simple object broker and maintain a list of available application servers for a connection component.
Datasnap.Win.SConnectContains interfaces that define the structure for the data block interpreters that need to access memory buffers, TSocketConnection components that transform data that is communicated over the component, and classes that implement data dispatchers, socket connection and transport, streamed connection, transport threads and web connections for over the HTTP protocol transmission of data to an application server.
Datasnap.Win.TConnectContains a class that implements the connection mechanisms between a client dataset or a XML broker and a provider that resides in the same application.