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property Client: TObject read FClient;


__property System::TObject* Client = {read=FClient};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.ActnList TActionLink


Keeps the client linked by the action link to an action.

Clients are UI elements (components) in an application that use actions. Clients can be controls, menu items, forms, and toolbar buttons. An action can be associated (linked) to several clients. Such associations provide an easy way to synchronize values of properties of the action and of associated clients. For example, changes of the visible and enabled states and of the caption of an action can be propagated to values of corresponding properties of associated controls, menu item, and toolbar buttons. An associated action handles the response when the user clicks these clients. That is, each such client has its properties dynamically updated by the associated action and forwards user commands to the action for a response.

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