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type TFDCopyDataSetOptions = set of (coStructure, coCalcFields, coIndexesReset, coIndexesCopy, coConstraintsReset, coConstraintsCopy, coAggregatesReset, coAggregatesCopy, coRestart, coAppend, coEdit, coDelete, coRefresh);


typedef System::Set<Firedac_Comp_Dataset__3, Firedac_Comp_Dataset__3::coStructure, Firedac_Comp_Dataset__3::coRefresh> TFDCopyDataSetOptions;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
FireDAC.Comp.DataSet FireDAC.Comp.DataSet


Specifies the options for copying a dataset.

TFDCopyDataSetOptions is used with the CopyDataSet method.

TFDCopyDataSetOptions specifies the following copying options:

Name Description
coAggregatesCopy Copies the source dataset aggregates setup into the current dataset.
coAggregatesReset Resets the aggregates setup of the current dataset.
coAppend Appends a new record to the current dataset.
coCalcFields Copies the calculated fields from the source dataset into the current dataset.
coConstraintsCopy Copies the source dataset constraints setup into the current dataset.
coConstraintsReset Resets the constraints setup of the current dataset.
coDelete If a record has been deleted from the source dataset, locates the corresponding record in the current dataset and deletes it.
coEdit Locates the corresponding record in the current dataset, using primary key field values.
coIndexesCopy Copies the source dataset indexes setup into the current dataset.
coIndexesReset Resets the indexes setup of the current dataset.
coRefresh Refreshes the current dataset using records from the source dataset.
coRestart Sets the source dataset to the beginning.
coStructure Copies the source dataset structure into the current dataset.

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