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property DefaultPath: String read GetDefaultPath write SetDefaultPath stored IsDPS;


__property System::UnicodeString DefaultPath = {read=GetDefaultPath, write=SetDefaultPath, stored=IsDPS};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Phys.ADS TFDPhysADSDriverLink


Specifies the default path for free tables.

Use the DefaultPath property to specify the default path to open and create tables for the FireDAC Advantage driver.

If a path is given, then CREATE TABLE or OPEN calls look first in the given path (if no path is provided with the table name).

This setting affects the opening / creation of indexes in the same manner. DefaultPath does not result in a connection to the server, nor does it verify the existence of the server of the given path.

The default path is used for path resolution when opening and creating tables.

If an application creates or opens a table, and it does not supply a path with the table name, then the default path is used as the path for opening the table.

If the table name has no path, no default path, or no search path, then the current working directory of the application is used. Only a single path can be used.

The default value is the application current folder.

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