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EASANativeException = class(EODBCNativeException)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION EASANativeException : public Firedac::Phys::Odbcwrapper::EODBCNativeException


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FireDAC.Phys.ASAWrapper FireDAC.Phys.ASAWrapper


EDBEngineException is the base exception class for all FireDAC DBMS related errors.

FireDAC.Phys.ASAWrapper.EASANativeException inherits from FireDAC.Stan.Error.EFDDBEngineException. All content below this line refers to FireDAC.Stan.Error.EFDDBEngineException.

EDBEngineException is the base exception class for all FireDAC DBMS related errors.

An EDBEngineException object is used as:

  • An exception object, raised when a DBMS operation produces an error condition.
  • An object describing a warning, stored at connection when a DBMS operation produces a warning condition.
  • An object representing a message, stored at connection when a DBMS operation sends a message to a client.

The Errors property contains TFDDBError objects. Each of them corresponds to a single error, warning or message item, produced inside of a single DBMS operation. The Kind property returns a DBMS-independent error kind. The SQL and Params properties allows you to get a failed SQL command.

All FireDAC drivers are implementing their own EFDDBEngineException descendant classes. For example, MySQL driver implements the EMySQLNativeException exception class. 

Use a TFDGUIxErrorDialog dialog to display the complete information about the FireDAC / DBMS error.

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