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property URLHost: string read FURLHost write SetURLHost default 0;


__property URLHost = {default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
REST.Backend.EMSProvider TEMSProvider


Use the URLHost property of the TEMSProvider component to specify the URL to the EMS Server provider.

On a client application using the TEMSProvider component, you need to set the URLHost and URLPort properties to establish a socket connection to the EMS Server.

Set URLHost as localhost if the EMS Server provider is running on the same server machine as the client application, for example for testing purposes, otherwise you need to provide the URL to the EMS Server provider.

The URLPort that you need to connect to the EMS Server is defined on the configuration file of the EMS Server. You can find the URLPort value on the EMS Server console or directly on the EMS Server configuration file.

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