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function  GetParamInternalName(Info: PTypeInfo; const MethodName: string; const ExternalParamName: InvString): string;


System::UnicodeString __fastcall GetParamInternalName(System::Typinfo::PTypeInfo Info, const System::UnicodeString MethodName, const System::UnicodeString ExternalParamName);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Soap.InvokeRegistry TInvokableClassRegistry


Returns the name of the parameter that corresponds to a part on a message of an operation in a WSDL document.

GetParamInternalName returns the name of the method parameter that corresponds to a specified part. This is the parameter of a method on an invokable interface that is registered to correspond to a part that is defined in a WSDL document. The association between the parameter name and the part name is established by the RegisterExternalParamName method.

Info is the type information pointer for the invokable interface that includes the method.

MethodName is the name of the method on that invokable interface.

ExternalParamName is the name of a part on one of the messages in the operation that corresponds to MethodName. GetParamInternalName returns the corresponding parameter name.

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