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function InvContextToMsg(const IntfMD: TIntfMetaData;  MethNum: Integer; Con: TInvContext; Headers: THeaderList): TStream;


virtual System::Classes::TStream* __fastcall InvContextToMsg(const Soap::Intfinfo::TIntfMetaData &IntfMD, int MethNum, Soap::Invokeregistry::TInvContext* Con, Soap::Invokeregistry::THeaderList* Headers) = 0 ;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Soap.OPConvert IOPConvert


Marshals a method call from an invocation context to a transportable string.

InvContextToMsg looks up a specified method call, including the types and values of any arguments, from an invocation context, and returns an encoded version of that method call that can be transported to the application that executes it.

IntfMD represents the runtime type information (RTTI) from the interface whose method is called.

MethNum identifies the called method by its position in the interface's method table.

Con is the invocation context that contains details of the method call, including the parameter values passed in, the calling conventions, and any other temporary data used when making the call.

Headers is a list of TSOAPHeader descendants that represent the headers of the SOAP envelope that contained the method call.

InvContextToMsg returns a stream from which an application can read the encoded version of the method call. This encoded method call can then be passed to an IWebNode interface for execution.

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