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function GetPartsForOperation(const PortTypeName, OperationName: DOMString; OperationIndex: Integer; PartNames: TDOMStrings): Boolean;


bool __fastcall GetPartsForOperation(const System::UnicodeString PortTypeName, const System::UnicodeString OperationName, int OperationIndex, Soap::Wsdlintf::TDOMStrings* PartNames);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Soap.WSDLItems TWSDLItems


Fills a list with the names of all parts defined for input messages of a specified operation.

Call GetPartsForOperation to retrieve the names of all parts that make up input messages on a specified operation. The part definition must be in the WSDL document or a document that it imports. A part corresponds to definition from some type system.

PortTypeName is the name of the port type that contains the operation. A port type corresponds to an invokable interface in a Web Service application.

OperationName is the name of the operation from whose input messages the parts are retrieved. An operation corresponds to a method on the interface that corresponds to PortTypeName.

PartNames is an existing TWideStrings object to which the names of all parts on input messages (input parameters) of the operation specified by OperationName.

GetPartsForOperation returns true if it adds any part names to PartNames, false if there are no parts to add.

Note: GetPartsForOperation does not clear the WideString list before adding the names of the parts of the specified message.

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