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function  GetSoapBindingAttribute(const BindingName: DOMString; Attribute: DOMString;  var SOAPVersion: TSOAPVersion): DOMString;


System::UnicodeString __fastcall GetSoapBindingAttribute(const System::UnicodeString BindingName, System::UnicodeString Attribute, Soap::Wsdlintf::TSOAPVersion &SOAPVersion);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Soap.WSDLItems TWSDLItems


Returns the value of a specified attribute of a specified SOAP binding.

Call GetSoapBindingAttribute to retrieve value of an attribute on a SOAP binding. GetSoapBindingAttribute locates a binding with the specified name that includes a <soap:binding> tag, and returns the specified attribute from that <soap:binding> tag.

BindingName is the name of the binding that includes the <soap:binding> tag. A binding describes the encoding and transport protocols for an associated port type.

Attribute is the name of the desired attribute on the <soap:binding> tag.

If BindingName does not identify a binding that includes a <soap:binding> tag that has the specified attribute, GetSoapBindingAttribute returns an empty string.

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