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function DispatchRequest(Sender: TObject; Request: TWebRequest;  Response: TWebResponse): Boolean;


bool __fastcall DispatchRequest(System::TObject* Sender, Web::Httpapp::TWebRequest* Request, Web::Httpapp::TWebResponse* Response);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected
Soap.WebBrokerSOAP THTTPSoapDispatcher


Responds to an incoming message and generates the appropriate response message.

The Web Module (or Web Dispatcher) calls DispatchRequest when it identifies an HTTP message that matches the properties of the WebDispatch property. DispatchRequest passes the request on to the component whose interface is the value of the Dispatcher property. That object interprets the request message, calls the appropriate invokable interface, and returns the content of the response message.

Sender is not used in the DispatchRequest method.

Request contains information about the incoming SOAP message.

Response is a TWebResponse object that is filled out to indicate the response that should be returned to the Web client.

DispatchRequest returns true if it successfully passes the request on to an invoker and that invoker handles the request and fills out the Response parameter. It returns false if it could not handle the request.

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