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property ShortCuts[Index: Integer]: System.Classes.TShortCut read GetShortCuts;


__property System::Classes::TShortCut ShortCuts[int Index] = {read=GetShortCuts};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
System.Actions TCustomShortCutList


The array property storing TShortCut values.

Use ShortCuts to access the shortcuts in the TCustomShortCutList list by position. The Index parameter indicates the index of the shortcut, where 0 is the index of the first shortcut, 1 is the index of the second shortcut, and so on.

ShortCuts is a read-only array property. To locate a specific TShortCut shortcut in the array, use the IndexOfShortCut method.

ShortCuts is the same as the Objects property, except that the value is given as a TShortCut value instead of as a reference to an object instance.

Warning: Do not set the Objects property, or the shortcut list will fail to work correctly.

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