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TRemoteAction = class(TCustomRemoteItem)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION DECLSPEC_DRTTI TRemoteAction : public TCustomRemoteItem


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
System.Tether.AppProfile System.Tether.AppProfile


Represents an action shared by a remote profile.

TRemoteAction is a subclass of TCustomRemoteItem that represents a TLocalAction from a remote profile.

Call Execute to run the remote action.

The OnUpdate event occurs when the remote TLocalAction changes. For example, this event occurs when the value of the Enabled property changes.

A remote action provides a Name that uniquely identifies the action within the Profile that shares the action, and a Hint that describes the action.

Call Broadcast on a remote action to announce changes to the action to remote profiles at any time. You can also make NotifyUpdates True to enable automatic notifications when the value of the action changes.

IsPublic determines whether or not the remote action must be shared with remote profiles, and IsTemp determines whether or not the action is meant to be read more than once by remote profiles. By default, remote actions are public (IsPublic is True) and persistent (IsTemp is False). Application profiles use protected (IsPublic is False), temporary (IsTemp is True) remote actions for one-time exchanges of data, such as sending strings or receiving streams.

Kind determines whether the value of the remote action is defined on the profile that shares the action (default), or is mirrored from a another remote action. When the value of a remote action is mirrored (Kind is TTetheringRemoteKind.Mirror), the value is obtained from another, remote action shared by a remote profile. The Kind of the remote action must be TTetheringRemoteKind.Shared.

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