Vcl.ActnMan.TGalleryProperties Properties

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ActionClientItempublicReturns the action client item associated with the TCommandProperties instance.
ButtonSizepublishedButtonSize specifies the size of a button on a ribbon group.
ButtonTypepublishedButtonType specifies the button type on a ribbon group.
ControlpublicReturns the action band control that is rendered on an action band for the associated TActionClientItem object.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
GalleryTypepublishedGalleryType specifies the type of a gallery button on a ribbon group.
GroupPositionpublishedGroupPosition specifies the border type shown around a button on a ribbon group.
ItemsPerRowpublishedItemsPerRow specifies the number of rows a gallery grid is split into.
ShowRichContentpublishedShowRichContent specifies whether formatting is used to draw the gallery.
TextAssociationpublishedTextAssociation specifies the association between the caption and the other elements of a button on a ribbon group.