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property Margin: Integer read FMargin write SetMargin default -1;


__property Margin = {default=-1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.Buttons TSpeedButton


Specifies the number of pixels between the edge of the button and the image or caption drawn on its surface.

Use Margin to specify the indentation of the image specified by the Glyph property or the text specified by the Caption property. The edges that Margin separates depend on the Layout property. If Layout is blGlyphLeft, the margin appears between the left edge of the image or caption and the left edge of the button. If Layout is blGlyphRight, the margin separates the right edges. If Layout is blGlyphTop, the margin separates the top edges, and if Layout is blGlyphBottom, the margin separates the bottom edges.

If Margin is –1, the image or text is centered on the button.

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