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procedure InstallEventClass(const bstrApplIdOrName: WideString;  const bstrDLL: WideString; const bstrTLB: WideString; const bstrPSDLL: WideString);


void __fastcall InstallEventClass(const System::WideString bstrApplIdOrName, const System::WideString bstrDLL, const System::WideString bstrTLB, const System::WideString bstrPSDLL);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
Vcl.CmAdmCtl TCOMAdminCatalog


Installs a COM+ event class into an application.

Use InstallEventClass to install event classes from a .dll that holds dummy implementations of the event classes. The .dll must be self-registering, there must be a type library to describe the interfaces that the event classes implement, and each event class must have a CLSID and a ProgID.

The dummy implementation of the event class is never actually run. It exists only to register the event class. When the publisher creates the event class, the Events system provides an implementation to send the event to subscribers.

bstrApplIdOrName is the name or GUID that represents the application into which to install the event classes.

bstrDLL is the name of the self-registering .dll file that contains the event classes.

bstrTLB is the name of the external type library file for the .dll. If the type library is embedded in the .dll, set this parameter to an empty string.

bstrPSDLL is the name of the proxy-stub .dll file. If there is no proxy-stub .dll associated with the event class, set this parameter to an empty string.

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