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property OnData: TLVOwnerDataEvent read FOnData write FOnData;


__property TLVOwnerDataEvent OnData = {read=FOnData, write=FOnData};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event protected
Vcl.ComCtrls TCustomListView


Occurs immediately before an item is displayed in the list view control.

Use OnData to customize an item before it is displayed in the list view control. Set the properties of the list item in the event handler so that they appear correctly when the item is drawn. The item currently retrieved is identified by the value of its Index field representing the input value of the method. When using a virtual list view of TListView, the OnData event gives a pointer to the specific item that is displayed. This pointer is used to specify the item's characteristics as output of the method.

OnData occurs only if OwnerData is True.

OnData is an event handler of type Vcl.ComCtrls.TLVOwnerDataEvent.

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