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property WorkAreas: TWorkAreas read FWorkAreas;


__property TWorkAreas* WorkAreas = {read=FWorkAreas};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.ComCtrls TCustomListView


Defines separate working areas that divide the list view's client area.

Use WorkAreas to define separate work areas that divide the client area of the list view when the ViewStyle property is vsIcon or vsSmallIcon. Work areas are rectangular regions that the list view uses to arrange its icons. Each icon falls into a single work area, which is specified by its WorkArea property. Within each work area, icons are arranged in rows (or columns), wrapping at the right (or bottom) edge of the work area. If a work area is larger than the client area of the list view, the list view adds a scroll bar.

If WorkAreas contains no TWorkArea objects, the list view arranges icons based on its client area.

Note: It is possible to create overlapping work areas, but this is not recommended. Icons that fall in the intersection of two or more work areas become members of the work area with the lowest index.

Warning:Work areas are not supported if the application is running in virtual mode.

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