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property OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem: TTVAdvancedCustomDrawItemEvent read FOnAdvancedCustomDrawItem write FOnAdvancedCustomDrawItem;


__property OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
Vcl.ComCtrls TTreeView


Occurs at discrete stages during the painting of tree view nodes.

Vcl.ComCtrls.TTreeView.OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem inherits from Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomTreeView.OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem. All content below this line refers to Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomTreeView.OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem.

Occurs at discrete stages during the painting of tree view nodes.

Write an OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem event handler to customize the painting of individual items in the tree view.

Note: OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem occurs at several stages during the paint process and allows you to suppress the default painting of tree node images while still allowing the default painting of the node. If you only need to use the cdPrePaint stage and do not want to suppress only the painting of tree node images, it is more efficient to use the OnCustomDrawItem event.

OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem is an event handler of type Vcl.ComCtrls.TTVAdvancedCustomDrawItemEvent.

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