Vcl.ComCtrls.TUpDownStyleHook Properties

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Brushclass protectedThe color and pattern used for painting.
ControlpublicReturns the control for which the style hook handles messages.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
DoubleBufferedclass protectedDetermines whether the control's image is rendered directly to the window or painted to an in-memory bitmap first.
Focusedclass protectedSpecifies whether the control has the input focus.
FocusUpdateclass protectedThe focus of the control has been updated.
FontColorclass protectedColor of the font used for the text that appears on the control.
Handleclass protectedThe handle of the control.
Handledclass protectedSpecifies whether the message was handled by the style hook.
MouseInControlclass protected
MouseInNCAreaclass protected
NeedsDefaultPaintclass protectedSpecifies whether the control needs default painting.
OverrideEraseBkgndclass protectedSpecifies whether the erasing of the background of the control should be performed by the style hook.
OverridePaintclass protectedSpecifies whether the painting of the control should be overridden by the style hook.
OverridePaintNCclass protectedSpecifies whether the painting of the non-client area of the control should be performed by the style hook.
PaintOnEraseBkgndclass protectedSpecifies whether painting should be performed when the background needs to be erased.
Textclass protectedReturns the caption of the control.