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procedure ExecuteTarget(Target: TObject); override;


virtual void __fastcall ExecuteTarget(System::TObject* Target);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
Vcl.ExtActns TNextTab


Changes the selected tab in the target tab control to the next one, or generates an OnFinish event.

ExecuteTarget causes the action to perform its default response based on the state of the target tab control.

Target is the currently active object when the action fires. TNextTab ignores this parameter and uses the TabControl property to identify the target control.

ExecuteTarget performs differently, depending on whether the target control is on the last page and on the value of the Wrap property:

If Wrap is true or the target control is not on the last page, ExecuteTarget generates a BeforeTabChange event, changes the target control to the next page, and generates an AfterTabChange event. If Wrap is true and the target control is on the last page, this causes the target control to move to the first page. Note that the SkipHiddenTabs property determines whether the next page can include a hidden page.

If Wrap is false and the target control is on the last page, ExecuteTarget generates an OnFinish event.

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