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property OnFinish: TNotifyEvent read FOnFinish write FOnFinish;


__property System::Classes::TNotifyEvent OnFinish = {read=FOnFinish, write=FOnFinish};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
Vcl.ExtActns TNextTab


Occurs when the action fires and the target page control is on its last page.

Write an OnFinish event handler to respond when the user indicates that they are finished with the tabbed dialog by clicking a client control when the tabbed dialog is on its last page. OnFinish only occurs when the target control is on its last page and the Wrap property is false. When the target page control is on any other page, or when Wrap is true, TNextTab generates an BeforeTabChange event, changes the current page of the target control, and generates an AfterTabChange event.

Note: Use the OnFinish event rather than the action's OnExecute event. If you supply an event handler to the OnExecute event, it blocks the default response by this action, and the action won't change the current page when the target tabbed dialog is not on its last page.

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