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property OnSetEditText: TSetEditEvent read FOnSetEditText write FOnSetEditText;


__property OnSetEditText;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
Vcl.Grids TDrawGrid


Occurs when the user edits the value of a cell.

Vcl.Grids.TDrawGrid.OnSetEditText inherits from Vcl.Grids.TCustomDrawGrid.OnSetEditText. All content below this line refers to Vcl.Grids.TCustomDrawGrid.OnSetEditText.

Occurs when the user edits the value of a cell.

Write an OnSetEditText event handler to perform any special processing of the text edited by the user in an in-place editor. For example, use the OnSetEditText event to retrieve and store the value of a cell so that it can be displayed in an OnDrawCell event handler. OnSetEditText occurs every time the user changes the text.

The Value parameter is the new value for the cell specified by the ACol and ARow parameters.

OnSetEditText does not occur unless the Options property includes goEditing.

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