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Defines classes that implement dbExpress JSON support for dbExpress callbacks, JSON arrays, byte readers, numbers, objects, pairs, strings and values.


TDBXCallbackRepresents the base class for callback methods.
TDBXCallbackDelegateRepresents an intermediate placeholder for a callback instance.
TDBXNamedCallbackRepresents an extension of the base class for callback methods.
TJSONAncestorRepresents the ancestor class for all the JSON classes.
TJSONArrayImplements a JSON array.
TJSONArrayEnumeratorTJSONArrayEnumerator is a class that provides support for enumeration of values in a TJSONArray.
TJSONByteReaderImplements generalized byte consumption of a JSON parser.
TJSONExceptionJSON exception handler.
TJSONFalseImplements a JSON false value.
TJSONNullImplements a JSON null value.
TJSONNumberImplements a JSON number.
TJSONObjectImplements a JSON object.
TJSONPairImplements a JSON string : value pair.
TJSONPairEnumeratorEnumerator for JSON pairs.
TJSONStringImplements a JSON string.
TJSONTrueImplements a JSON true value.
TJSONValueRepresents the ancestor class for all the JSON classes of type string, number, object, array, true, false, and null.


GetUSFormatReturns the US format settings.


TInt15Hex digit integer.