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This topic contains some helpful links to get you started learning how to use RAD Studio.


RAD Studio:


C++ Builder:

  1. Introduction and Installation
  2. Building and Debugging
  3. Design, Architecture, and UIs
  4. Real Code and Useful C++: Ownership, smart pointers, styles, and optional values
  5. Finishing the calculator: operators, and putting it all together

Database Tutorials

The Tutorials section includes several other more general tutorials.

Code Examples and Application Samples

A library of code examples exists in the Help:

Application samples (also known as Demos) are installed with the product:

  • Sample projects are installed at Start | Programs | Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin | Samples.
  • From inside the IDE, select Projects > Open Sample Project on the Welcome Page to open the samples directory.
  • The Samples are also available on SourceForge.
  • Documentation for the product Samples is at the Sample category on the Examples wiki.

Video Demos

Delphi Programming

C++Builder Programming

CodeRage Seminars

CodeRage is an annual three-day online seminar that features useful and timely presentations by Embarcadero developers and product evangelists.
Embarcadero offers replays of CodeRage going back to CodeRage 6 (2011):


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