Associating a Transition or a State with an Activity

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You can associate an activity (created on some UML 2.0 Activity Diagram) with a state (on entering the state, while doing the state activity, and on exiting the state), or with a transition between states.

To associate a transition with an activity:

  1. Select a transition or a state on a UML 2.0 State Machine diagram.
  2. Under the General node of the Object Inspector, click the Effect (for a transition) or Do activity, Entry or Exit (for a state) field.
  3. Click the chooser button to open the Choose Activity dialog box.
  4. In the model treeview, locate the desired activity.
  5. Click OK.

Tip: Once a guard condition or effect are specified in the Object Inspector, you can further edit them in the diagram by double-clicking the expression to activate the in-place editor.

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