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You have made changes to one or more source or form modules while your application is running.

This message box gives you three choices:

  • If you select Yes, your application is terminated and then recompiled.
  • If you select No, application processing continues. If this dialog is being displayed because you issued a Run command (such as Step Over, F8), the application completes the command.
  • If you select Cancel, you return to your application in the debugger.

To terminate your application

When possible, you should terminate your application normally:

  1. Select No on this message box.
  2. Switch to your running application.
  3. Select File > Close.
  4. Run or compile your application again.

To disable this prompt

You can specify that this prompt is not to be displayed (that is, your project is not rebuilt if the source code or any other element in the project changes while your application is in debug mode).

  1. Open Tools > Options > Debugger Options.
  2. Clear the checkbox for Prompt to rebuild projects modified while debugging.