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Better page title:

  • RAD Studio Error Messages
  • List of RAD Studio Error Messages

Category? "RAD Studio Error Message"


FYI - In the TOC of the H2 help, the title appears as IDE Error Messages.

Perhaps use the title "RAD Studio IDE Error Messages" ?

Or "Error Messages Displayed by RAD Studio" -- this would place the title in the 'error' area of the Index.

At any rate, while you're working in this area, you should make sure the topic is indexed under all three words -- RAD, IDE, Error.

There was an issue back in 2009 with using the name RAD Studio without Prism present (hence the help is often called "Delphi and C++Builder documentation" -- but perhaps that is no longer an issue. I did use "RAD Studio Dialogs and Commands" as an Index name in the wiki, and no one has complained. Also, we used to link to RAD Topics from the other wikis -- now we use the release identifier, such as XE2 Topics.

KrisHouser 09:00, 30 June 2011 (PDT)

I prefer "IDE Error Messages" but also don't think it is totally necessary to change it. It does also list links to the other error messages, so the current title is not incorrect. -Dee