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Go Up to Tool Options

Tools > Tool Options > Add
Tools > Tool Options > Edit

Use this dialog box to enter or edit the properties for a program listed on the Tools menu.

Item Description


Enter a name for the program you are adding. This name will appear on the Tools menu. To add an accelerator to the menu command, precede that letter with an ampersand (&). If you specify a duplicate accelerator, the Tool Options dialog box displays a red asterisk (*) next to the program names.


Enter the location of the program you are adding. Include the full path to the program. To search your drives and directories to locate the path and file name for the program, click the Browse button.

Working Dir

Specify the working directory for the program. The product specifies a default working directory when you select the program name in the Program text box. You can change the directory path if needed.


Enter parameters to pass to the program at startup. For example, you might want to pass a file name when the program launches. Type the parameters or use the Macros button to supply startup parameters. You can specify multiple parameters and macros.


Expands the Tool Properties dialog box to display a list of available macros. You can use these macros to supply startup parameters for your application. Select a macro and click Insert to add the macro to the Parameters text box.


Displays the Select Transfer Item dialog box opens, allowing you to navigate to a program.