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Go Up to File Menu

File > New > Other > Delphi Projects > XML > XML Data Binding

File > New > Other > C++Builder Projects > XML > XML Data Binding

Use this wizard to generate interface and class definitions that correspond to the structure of an XML document or schema. The wizard generates a global function that returns the interface for the root element of the document. The wizard is available only inside an existing Delphi or C++ application.

After you use the wizard to create these definitions, you can use the classes and interfaces to work with XML documents that have the structure of the specified document or schema.

Item Description

Schema or XML Data File

Enter the file name of a schema or XML document for which you want the wizard to generate interfaces and implementation classes. Beside the edit control is a browse button (labeled with ellipsis) that you can click to browse for an XML document or schema file.

Use XDB Settings File

Indicates whether the wizard should be initialized to reflect the choices you made the last time you used the wizard and saved your settings. When checked, the wizard starts by using the last XDB file that you saved using the third page of the wizard.


Displays the XML Data Binding Wizard Options dialog box. You can select various options that influence how the wizard generates code for the interfaces and implementation classes in your XML document or schema.

Note: If you are using C++, add the #pragma package(smart_init) directive to the source (.cpp) file. This prevents the following C++ linker error:

[ilink32 Error] Error: Export bool __fastcall System::TObject::GetInterface<Xml::Xmlintf::IXMLDocument>  (System::DelphiInterface<Xml::Xmlintf::IXMLDocument>&) in module DataBin

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