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The modeling documentation generation feature automatically generates documentation for your UML modeling projects. Use this feature to illustrate you programs with HTML format documentation. You can update this automatically generated documentation when your project changes or edit this documentation manually afterwards.

Documentation Files

All the generated documentation files are written to a single documentation directory that you specify in the Output folder of the Generate Documentation dialog box. By default, the generated documentation opens in your web browser. If you choose not to open the documentation immediately, you can open it later using the INDEX.HTML file in the specified documentation directory.

HTML Documentation Frames

The HTML documentation contains the following frames:

  • The Diagram frame, when the Include diagrams option is turned on.
  • The Project and Overview frames, when the Include navigation tree option is turned on.
  • The Package list and Package overview frames appear in the left side of the main frameset, when the Include navigation tree option is turned off.
  • The Documentation frame.

You can click the Project tab and expand the nodes in the project tree view. Notice that clicking a class name in the Project tab opens the documentation in the Documentation pane. When you select a diagram in the Project tab, it opens in the Diagram frame. Elements in the Diagram frame are hyperlinked to the Documentation frame. If you select an element in the Diagram frame, its contents are displayed in the Documentation frame.

The Documentation frame displays the documentation of your source code and diagrams, and includes everything you would expect when generating HTML documentation. The top of the Documentation frame contains a navigation bar for browsing your project documentation.

The Project tab contains a tree representation of the project. Expand the nodes to reveal individual diagrams and elements. Clicking a class or interface opens the related documentation in the Documentation frame.

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