Working with Connections (FireDAC)

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This section contains set of articles describing how to set up DB drivers and manage database connections with FireDAC.


Topic Description
Defining Connection Describes how to store and use FireDAC connection parameters and what a connection definition means. To specify connection parameters, an application must use a connection definition. The connection definition is a set of parameters. A connection may also be pooled.
Configuring Drivers Describes how to configure the FireDAC DBMS drivers, including how to specify a DBMS client library. To link a FireDAC driver to an application, specify the DBMS client to the driver and other optional parameters. An application may use a TFDPhysXXXDriverLink component and/or an external configuration file.
Setting Options Describes why the set of options makes FireDAC a flexible database framework and how to use the options. FireDAC provides a wide range of options organized into a hierarchical options system. Most of the options may be left with their default values.
Establishing Connection Describes how to open and close a connection to a DBMS using FireDAC. FireDAC provides the TFDConnection component to help you open a connection to a database.
Recovering Connection Describes how to work in an unstable environment. FireDAC allows an application to recover from a connection failure.
Offlining Connection Describes how to use the FireDAC offline mode, which allows you to work with data without a persistent connection to a database.
Managing Transactions Describes how to manage DBMS transactions using FireDAC. FireDAC provides the TFDConnection and TFDTransaction components to help you handle database transactions .
Handling Errors Describes how to handle database errors with FireDAC.
Multithreading Describes how to use FireDAC in a multithreaded environment.
DLL Development Describes how to use FireDAC in the dynamic loading libraries.
Unicode Support Describes how FireDAC works with Unicode data and metadata. FireDAC fully supports Unicode data and metadata. However, an application may need to take additional steps to use Unicode properly.