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The Integrated Translation Environment-External Translation Manager (ITE-ETM) continues to support Delphi and C++Builder Win32 applications. Support has been added for Win64 applications as well, but the ITE-ETM does not support FireMonkey applications or Mac OS X applications.

What ITE-ETM Does

  • The ITE is a part of the IDE that simplifies localizing your projects. ITE can create a new localized project from an existing project. ITE does not automatically translate text, but provides a Translation Editor listing all text that needs to be localized and fields in which you can enter the corresponding translated text. After you enter the translated text and build the localized project, you can set another language active and display a form in the localized text. Because you do not have to switch locales and reboot your system, this allows you to perform localization without requiring a localized system. There is also a database of translated strings, the Translation Repository.
  • The ETM is a standalone application that works with DFM files and text strings in the source code. Although ETM does not allow you to create a new localized project, it does provide a dialog listing localized text and the translated text, similarly to ITE. The ETM has its own separate online help system.

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