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Help Does Not Use Unit Scope Names Yet

RAD Studio now uses and includes unit-scoped unit names, so that a fully qualified name is, for example, System.SysUtils.BoolToStr instead of SysUtils.BoolToStr. However, the help—in particular the VCL-FMX-RTL Libraries documentation—does not yet include the unit scope names in the names of units, classes, and members.

This means that some functionality in the help might be temporarily unavailable; for example, F1 might invoke an incorrect help topic because the unit scope names are missing from the help. F1 issues can occur, for example, when a class name (such as TTreeView) is used in both FMX and VCL:

Updating the libraries reference to include the unit scope names is planned for a help update.

For more information, see Unit Scope Names.

Docwikis Now Have Common Logins

A single login now frees you to move among the three wikis without being prompted to login on each wiki. The three wikis are:

VCL Reference Renamed to Libraries Reference

With the addition of the FireMonkey library (FMX), RAD Studio now contains three major libraries: VCL-FMX-RTL. Thus, the "VCL Reference" wiki and node of the help Contents is now called Libraries Reference, because it encompasses all three major libraries.

New Tutorials in the Help

Four new tutorials have been written:

Class Inheritance Diagrams

Class pages in the help now display class inheritance diagrams. For example, here is the class inheritance for Vcl.StdCtrls.TButton:


On the live Vcl.StdCtrls.TButton page, you can click the various nodes in the inheritance diagram to open the help page for that ancestor class.

Some Notable New Help Topics