VCL Changes for XE2

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Changes to the VCL

  • Cross-Platform Support: The VCL now supports both 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows programming.
  • VCL Styles: The new Style Designer enables you to create styles for your VCL applications.
  • HtmlHelpViewer: Use the HtmlHelpViewer unit instead of the WinHelpViewer unit to interface to the Windows Help viewer. The WinHelpViewer unit implements the wrapper for the Windows WinHelp function API. WinHelp is the Windows Help viewer for HLP format help files. However, beginning with Windows Vista, Microsoft has deprecated the HLP help format. Therefore, the usage of the HLP format helps and of the WinHelpViewer unit is deprecated in RAD Studio applications. VCL provides the new HtmlHelpViewer unit implementing the Delphi and C++ wrappers for the Windows HTMLHelp function API. HTMLHelp is the help viewer for the Microsoft Compiled HTML Help format. HTMLHelp was introduced as the successor to the Microsoft WinHelp format with the release of Windows 98 and is still supported in Windows 7. HTMLHelp is the most popular Windows help format. HTMLHelp help files are delivered as binary files with the CHM extension.
To support CHM help files in RAD Studio applications, you need to insert the HtmlHelpViewer unit in the uses clause of your application. For C++, you need to #include the HTMLHelpViewer.hpp header file.

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