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History Manager

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Click History tab in the main window.

The History Manager lets you see and compare versions of a file managed by the IDE, including:

  • Multiple backup versions saved by the IDE
  • Your saved local changes
  • The current buffer of unsaved changes for the active file.

You can also see Subversion information if your project or individual files are under version control by Subversion.


Subversion Is Integrated into the History Manager and Project Manager

You can see version control information in the History Manager that originates from both the IDE and Subversion:

The source for the Subversion integration is provided with the product, in the /bin/subversion directory. The source code demonstrates how to use the Tools API to integrate a plug-in, such as the Subversion plug-in, into your application. For example, you can customize the source to integrate other source control plug-ins.

For more information about Subversion, see:

The History Tab in the IDE

To open the History Manager, click the History tab, which is located in the center of the lower edge of the IDE main window:

Code, Design, and History Tabs

  • The Code tab opens the Code Editor.
  • The Design tab opens the Form Designer. (The Design tab appears only for visual component applications.)
  • The History tab opens the History Manager, also known as the History view.

Tabs in the History Manager

The History Manager contains three tabbed pages (Contents, Information, and Differences):

Contents, Information, and Differences Tabs

These pages display history and version information that is maintained by the IDE and by the Subversion Integration in the IDE.

Page Description


Displays the current and previous versions of the file selected in the dropdown list in the toolbar of the History window. The Contents page contains two panes:

  • Revision content: The top portion of the Contents page lists revisions of the active file.
Columns include:
  • Revison: Revision number of each revision of the active file
  • Label: Either the Revision number or a specified label
  • Date: The date of the revision
  • Author: The name of the user who checked in the revision
  • File display: The lower portion of the Contents page displays the contents of the active file.
Note: To see the Subversion log entries for a specific file:
  • Hover the mouse over a revision (HistViewCheckedOut.jpg or HistViewVersionControl.jpg) that is checked into Subversion.
  • Click the Information tab.


For the selected revision of the active file, displays the following:

  • The Label (either the revision number or a specified label such as "Local file")
  • The Comments entered with the commit of that revision


Displays the differences between the selected versions of the active file. The Differences page contains three panes:

  • Differences From: Lists the revisions of the active file, including the current revision.
  • To: Lists the revisions of the active file, including the current revision and any unsaved changes in the buffer.
  • File display: The lower portion of the Differences page displays the contents of the file being diff'ed. Highlighting indicates the differences between the revisions selected in Differences From and the revisions selected in To.

Minus.bmp (a large minus sign) marks source lines that were deleted.

Plus.bmp (a large plus sign) marks source lines that were added.

You can set the colors to be used in the highlighting on the Differences tab by using the Tools > Options > Editor Options > Color dialog box.

Toolbar Buttons in the History Manager

Button Description


Refresh revision info

Updates the revision list to include unsaved changes to the file.


Revert to previous revision

Makes the selected version the current version. Enabled on the Contents and Information pages. Reverting a prior version deletes any unsaved changes in the editor buffer.


Adds a gutter column that contains the most recent revision number associated with each line in the active file. Especially useful when diff'ing versions of a file (click the Differences tab on the History Manager).


Show in Difference Viewer

Loads the current file into a diff viewer (either the default difference viewer or one that you have installed and set up using Tools > Options > Environment Options > Difference Viewer).

Click the down-arrow to select from the list of difference viewers. After you select a diff viewer, the selected viewer reports the differences between the current version being viewed and the previous version. See Using an External Difference Viewer.


Synchronize scrolling

Synchronizes scrolling in the Contents and Differences pages and the Code Editor. Matches the line of text that contains the cursor with the nearest matching line of text in the other view. If there is no matching text in that region of the file, matches line numbers.


Go to next difference

Repositions the source on the Differences page to the next block of different code.


Go to previous difference

Repositions the Differences page to the previous block of different code.


Follow text movement

Locates the same line in the source viewer when switching between views.

File dropdown list

File dropdown list

Lists related files, such as .dfm and .res files.

Revision Icons Used in the History Manager

Icon Description


The latest saved file version.


A local backup file version.


The file version that is in the buffer and includes unsaved changes.

Version Control

A file version that is stored in a version control repository.

Checked Out

A file version that you have checked out from a version control repository.

Moved From

Indicates a line of code was moved from the highlighted line.


Indicates a line of code was moved to the highlighted line.

Context Menu Commands

Item Description


Refreshes the view in the History Manager.


Reverts the last change made in the History Manager.


Copies the selected text.

Select All

Selects all the contents on the History Manager.

Next Difference

Moves the focus from the current location to the next difference displayed in the History Manager. Enabled only on the Differences page.

Previous Difference

Moves the focus from the current location to the previous difference displayed in the History Manager. Enabled only on the Differences page.

Follow Move

Locates the same line in the source viewer when switching between views.

Finding the Next and Previous Changes

When you are using the History Manager to examine diffs in several versions of a file, you can use either context menu commands or equivalent keystrokes to quickly navigate to the Next and the Previous differences. The keyboard shortcuts are:

  • Ctrl+Shift+F7 - moves to the Previous Difference.
  • Ctrl+Shift+F8 - moves to the Next Difference.
  • F5 - refreshes the History view.

The keystrokes are the same for the following keyboard mappings: Default, IDE classic, BRIEF, and Epsilon.

The Visual Studio and Visual Basic keyboard mappings do not have keystrokes for Next/Previous change.

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