Known Problems in the Help

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High Priority Known Issues

Description Key Fixed on Wiki   Fixed in Help2 Update1    Fixed in Help2 Update5   
Complete the documentation for FireMonkey
(in the Topics, Libraries, and Examples wikis)
many tasks, such as RAD-10117 In progress In progress Libraries ~100%
Inherit help when constructor & destructor are not defined in Delphi DCW-476 In progress
Display inherited members in Table of Contents DCW-475 In progress
Investigate adding a Rating feature for topics and examples wikis DCW-469 In progress
Include a table listing the supported platforms on Libraries wiki pages DCW-439 In progress
Integrate with Document Explorer search filter mechanism DCW-431 In progress
Update Tutorials for new unit scoping and screenshot changes RAD-9567 In progress
Update all code examples for new unit scoping RAD-9571 In progress
Update all libraries page texts for new unit scoping names DCW-391 In progress In progress Fixed
Restore documentation from C++Builder 6 RAD-4760 In progress

Additional Issues

Description Key Fixed on Wiki    Fixed in Help2 Update 1    Fixed in Help2 Update 2    Notes
Enable single sign-on across the wiki farm DCW-223 Fixed N/A N/A
Problems with Internet Explorer 6.x none N/A N/A Please upgrade your IE.