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The Code Analyst uses fully configured IDERA SQL Debuggers to profile, and therefore availability of this feature depends on your Rapid SQL licensing. For more information, see the following topics:

Using Code Analyst with the Oracle Profiler

Oracle users have the option of either using the Oracle Debugger or the Oracle Profiler with Code Analyst to capture statistics. To use Code Analyst with the profiler option, Oracle’s profiler package must be installed. The install is user specific, so it must be installed by each user wishing to use Code Analyst. To install the package, users can invoke the PL/SQL Profiler.

Tip: You can set profiler options in the Code Analyst Options. You can specify that Code Analyst display the actual run time on the database, and does not include the time it takes to get to the server.


For Oracle, SYS privileges are required to install the Code Analyst tables. If you do not have SYS privileges, ask your Server Administrator to log into the Oracle datasource as SYSDBA, and then open Code Analyst to install the tables.

During install, the following privileges are set for the Code Analyst tables.

  • DB2 – Permissions are granted to the Public Group
  • Oracle – Permissions are granted to the Public group.
  • Microsoft SQL Server – Permissions are granted to the Public role.
  • Sybase ASE – Permissions are granted to the Public group.

All users can use the Code Analyst but each user will only see their own run ids. Users need to belong to the public group.

Tip: You can check this/modify privileges in the Users Editor.