Identifying and Fixing Bottlenecks Using Code Analyst

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Go Up to Using the Code Analyst

The Unit Detail Tab displays the object code and other information related to the individual lines of code. You can identify time-consuming lines of code in the Unit Detail Tab. The Unit Detail Tab is where you troubleshoot, and then resolve the problem in the Modifying objects using editors.

  1. On the Tools menu, select Code Analyst.
  2. Click the Unit Detail Tab.
    Percent of Run Time displays the percentage of object execution time for the session(s).
  3. Identify an object that contains time-consuming code.
  4. In Rapid SQL, open the object editor, and then modify the code on the Definition tab.
  5. Click Alter.
  6. In Code Analyst, on the Unit Detail Tab, click Execute.
  7. Click the Comparison tab.
    The Comparison Tab lets you compare times of the objects in two different object executions to determine which run was more efficient. The Comparison Tab displays the base time and the new time, as well as the time differences. The Comparison tab lets you compare which of the two procedures or functions ran faster.
  8. Examine the Time Diff which indicates improvement to code.
  9. If necessary, continue to modify the code on the Definition tab of the object editor, and then press Alter.
  10. Create new Code Analyst sessions and examine the Time Diff until the bottleneck is solved.