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Rapid SQL has full screen mode capabilities so you can conceal the application framework and use the entire monitor area. Full screen mode hides any other applications running on the computer and uses every available pixel for the application. Main menu functionality is accessible through keyboard commands when you use full screen mode.

Activating Full Screen Mode

Rapid SQL offers two ways to activate full screen mode:

  1. On the View menu, click Full Screen.
On the Main toolbar, click Full Screen.
Rapid SQL expands the application to fit the entire monitor area.
Note: The Full Screen mode icon is a stand-alone floating toolbar.

Dismissing Full Screen Mode

  1. Click Full Screen to expand the application to fit the entire monitor area.
    Tip: If you closed the Full Screen mode tool bar, right-click the top of the Rapid SQL desktop to bring the toolbar back.
  2. Click Full Screen to restore the application to the default size.