Rollback Segments Editor (Oracle)

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The Rollback Segments Editor lets you view rollback segment status, manage rollback segment storage, and view activity levels.

To edit a rollback segment

  1. Open an editor on the rollback segment. For details, see Opening an Object Editor.
  2. Use the following table as a guide to understanding and modifying the settings on the tabs of this editor:
Tab Settings and tasks


Lets you enable and disable a rollback segment and displays status details for the rollback segment. The tab displays whether the rollback segment is online or offline and provides the associated Tablespace, Size, and No. of Extents.


Lets you work with settings in the following categories:


The unit of space allocated to an object whenever the object needs more space. Initial Extent - The initial space extent (in bytes) allocated to the object. Next Extent - The next extent (in bytes) that the object will attempt to allocate when more space for the object is required. Optimal Size - optimal extent size Minimum Extents - The appropriate minimum extents value for the object. Maximum Extents - The appropriate maximum extents value for the object.

Extent Detail

Displays extent details.


Lets you work with settings in the following categories:

Activity Levels

Displays Active Transactions, Writes, Gets and Waits values.

Dynamic Sizing

Displays High Watermark, Extends, Shrinks, and Wraps values.


For details on using this tab, see Viewing the SQL/DDL for an Object.

3. When finished, you can submit your changes. For details, see Previewing and Submitting Object Editor Changes.